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Maintenance Matters

Lakeland Tours' maintenance program keeps you on the road and moving toward your destination, safely. Over the last 3 years, on average, Lakeland Tours' motorcoaches travelled over 60,000 miles, per coach, without experiencing a mechanical failure. Additionally, you could charter over 130 trips with Lakeland Tours and never experience a breakdown. This is all because of the elaborate preventative maintenance program we have in place, nationwide.

Lakeland Tours has a vast nationwide network. In the event of a very rare road failure our operational teams are able to use our nationwide network of affiliates, to keep you moving toward your destination. On average, during rare occasions, trips are only delayed 1 hour, nationwide.

The Lakeland Tours’ maintenance team keeps comfort top of mind. Clean equipment that is up to our customer’s standards is extremely important to our team. Based on customer feedback, in 2017, Lakeland Tours received a 99% clean equipment rating.

Maintenance is a big part of choosing the right charter bus company. Customers all over the south use Lakeland Tours because of the reliability and quick issue resolution. Over the last three years, Lakeland Tours coaches have averaged over 60,000 miles, per coach, without ever experiencing a breakdown of any kind.


Take confidence in the team behind the scenes. Lakeland Tours' maintenance team averages 20+ years of industry experience. This experience is a great benefit to all our customers.  This team works hard to ensure every trip goes as smooth as possible. You could charter over 130 trips with Lakeland Tours and never experience a breakdown of any kind.

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