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Experienced Diesel Mechanics with at least two years of experience are encouraged to apply with us today. We focus on safety and training in a positive environment where you will work together with your team to get things done the right way. Lakeland Tours provides rigorous ongoing ONLINE MANURFACTURE training to learn the different aspects of motorcoach maintenance..

Lakeland Tours, an industry leader in ground transportation has provided a stable environment for many years. We provide the opportunity to work at facilities that are safe, well-maintained and conducive to a healthy environment. If you are seeking a career opportunity, Lakeland Tours can provide an atmosphere for growth that will benefit both you and the company. Lakeland Tours' development and growth has largely been as a result of teamwork, hard work and taking pride in a job well done. The Lakeland Tours' family is committed to maintaining its leadership role in the industry and expanding its market share through keeping the lines of communication open between its employees and customers.

Call our office to inquire.

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