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With more than 10 years of experience providing school trip planning and transportation, you are in good hands with Lakeland.

The safety of your students is our #1 priority which is why Lakeland received SATIESFACTORY compliance rating from the Department of Transportation.

Get started by sending your school trip's itinerary. Our friendly sales team is waiting to assist.
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Call us now at 800-817-8405.

A few terrific reasons to choose Lakeland for your school trip and student transportation needs:


Safety is our top priority and we have the record to back it up. Lakeland is DOT recognized for its outstanding compliance record.

Professional Drivers

All Lakeland drivers have completed a rigorous training, safety driving skills programs. Additionally, they are all commercially licensed and have been screened and approved.

Deluxe Motorcoaches

You and your students travel on deluxe motorcoaches in comfort and style. Our fleet of deluxe 50- & 55-passenger motorcoaches is climate controlled, video equipped, restroom equipped, and has contour styled reclining seats.

Dedicated School Group Assistance

Our School Group Specialists book hundreds of trips a year. We take care of every detail of your trip, giving teachers total peace of mind.

Learn and Ride

Teachers can turn our motorcoaches into a “classroom on wheels” with VCRs/DVDs and public address system.

The Experience You Need

When you choose Lakeland, we bring over 10 years of motorcoach experience and tour planning assistance to you. With your ideas and our experience, you’ll have a trip that is fantastic from start to finish.


OR CALL US TODAY AT 800-817-8405

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