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Charter Transportation 

Lakeland Tours, LLC is a full service ground transportation company providing group transportation for travel groups, corporations, special occasions, sporting events and more. Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast  area for over four years with luxury  motor coaches that accommodate up to 55 people, Lakeland Tours, LLC is your group transportation expert. If you are planning to travel in or around the Gulf Coast area, call or email us with your transportation needs

  • Charters - Available 24 hours a day to take your group wherever they need to go.

  • Transfers - One-way short distance non-stop trips. The pick up and drop off locations must be within a three-mile radius of each other.

  • Corporate events - Company outings, conventions, meetings, golf outings, holiday parties, special events, etc.

  • Parties - Birthday, bachelor, bachelorette, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary, etc.

  • Over the road - Family Reunion trips, golf trips, casino trips, church retreats, football games, basketball games, etc.

  • Weddings - Rehearsal dinner, guest shuttle, bridal party transportation, etc.

  • Sporting events - Professional teams, school teams, college teams, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, ice skating – players and fans!

  • Conventions - Shuttles, site inspections, etc.


Group Charters

Lakealand Tours has provided groups and group leaders unparalleled service and experience since 2011.

If you have a group of 35 or more, we make it easy to find and plan memorable and exciting excursions. Additionally, we understand the important role the group leader or organizer plays and we are there for support every step of the way.

  • Why choose Lakeland Tours?

  • Special discounts for groups of 35 or more

  • One (1) price for 35 passengers  

  • Dedicated sales staff to help you promote your trip with customized flyers and presentations

  • Lakeland Tours' easy-booking form designed especially for group leaders

  • Lakeland Tours' drivers are second-to-none in terms of safety and customer service

School Trips

With years of experience, we're here to ensure your school trip is a resounding success.  Whether you're just looking for transportation, or would like us to plan and coordinate the whole trip, we're at your side.

A few reasons teachers across the region choose Lakeland Tours for their school trips:

•Safety is our top priority and we have the record to back it up.
•You and your students travel on deluxe motorcoaches in comfort and style.
•Lakeland Tours' drivers are trained tour professionals with years of experience.

Family Reunions

Lakeland Tours has been providing motorcoach transportations to Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas since 2010. Lakeland Tours and its drivers are truly experts at providing this type of service.
There are many motorcoach companies you can choose from for your family trip, however, our record shows that we are one of the safest and most reliable motorcoach 
companies in the industry. Lakeland Tours' experts will plan and operate your trip in accordance with the US Department of Transportation safety regulations and in accordance with Lakeland Tours' own safety philosophy, one of the strictest in the industry.

 We have a proven safety record and our customer service is second-to-none. The 
choice is yours and we hope you choose Lakeland Tours.

Sport Teams

Football Season…Basketball Season…Baseball Season…Any time of year, any kind of game, we’re the ones to get you there


We’re sports specialists! From college and regional school teams to professional baseball, football and hockey teams, we’ve got decades of experience taking teams from fields and courts to pools and rinks all over the Gulf South Region and beyond. And we know how important it is for your team to arrive at its destination rested, relaxed, and ready to play its best game. Your priorities are our priorities!

We specialize in getting your team

  • From the airport to the hotel

  • From the hotel to the practice location and back again

  • From the hotel to the game day location

  • Back to the airport, and back home

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